Supporting Cancer


The word Cancer is frightening for everyone.  Not only for the person diagnosed but also for friends and family.  When you are diagnosed with cancer it’s as if the whole world stops for that moment. Then starts the ripple affecting your relationships, work, finances and every aspect of your daily living.

Percentages show that 1 in 3 people will at some time in their lives know someone or are diagnosed themselves with Cancer. There are said to be over 200 different types of cancer.

Reports show that Hypnosis can help people to reduce their blood pressure, stress, anxiety, and pain. Hypnosis can create relaxing brain wave patterns.  Some clinical trials have looked at how well Hypnotherapy works for people with cancer.

We at Kent Hypnotherapy will psychologically assist you through every stage of your illness alongside your medical treatment.  Studies show positive mind set combined with a healthier lifestyle choices will not only psychologically aid you but can also help in relieving the perception of pain and even reduce the perception of negative side effects often associated with cancer.

Hypnotherapy can Help With:-

  • Sickness associated with Chemotherapy/ Radiotherapy
  • Pain Control
  • Helps with Emotional Trauma
  • Can help with Stress and Anxiety
  • Can help build back up Self-Esteem
  • Can help sleep patterns
  • Helps you learn how to relax
  • Helps with Depression
  • Helps with Needle and Blood Phobia
  • Helps with Hot Flushes

Gaye and Debra work closely with Harmony Trust, helping people into Wellness an Wellbeing.

Harmony Trust provide Free NHS Approved Complementary Therapy to those coping with Cancer or other serious life altering illnesses in Kent.  They both have a particular interest in helping people through their journey at this difficult time.  Both are therapists with Harmony Trust.


For a FREE consultation to talk through how we can help you please contact us on – 01634 713054

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