Relaxation Sessions




  • We will show you how to relax by showing you simple, easy to understand relaxation Techniques.
  • Enjoy a Guided Visualisation
  • Learn how to achieve deep relaxed breathing and reach a peaceful powerful inner calm
  • Understand the benefits of Mindfulness in your everyday life
  • Discover and learn easy to understand Stress and Anxiety reduction techniques.

Relaxation techniques involve re-focusing your attention on something calming.  You will use visual imaginary and body awareness to help reduce everyday stresses.

You will be taught to focus on breathing which in turn can slow your heart rate and pulse.  You will also be encouraged to be aware of relaxing the muscles in your body which in turn releases tension.

We will ask you to imagine a calming or restful place, using many senses including, smells, sound, touch, vision and hearing.

As you learn these skills you will more aware of muscle tension and other physical sensations of stress.


Session run on a Sunday from 11.00 until 1 pm

We encourage you to stay for tea and coffee afterwards

This sessions are by Donation only to a Charity close to our hearts.  This Charity provides Free NHS Approved Complementary Therapy to those coping with Cancers or other serious life altering illnesses in Kent.  

Gaye and Debra are therapists for this worthwhile cause.

Booking Essential  – Please telephone us on 01634-713054 to book your place

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