Marriage / Relationships


Relationships can be the hardest but also the most pleasurable area in your life.  There are agencies out there like Marriage Guidance and Relate that deal with relationships, but unfortunately due to the growing demand of these organisations it is very difficult to get an appointment.

Every relationship we have is unique whether it be with family, friends or work colleagues.  Relationships bring great joy and happiness to our lives.  However, they are often the cause of our unhappiness or dissatisfaction with life, bringing us pain, and feelings of loss and resentment.

Many types of partnerships can benefit from Relationship Counselling, including couples who are married, in a civil partnership, preparing for marriage, preparing for divorce, bisexual and transgender couples!

Relationship Counselling typically includes both partners, but sometimes one partner choses to work with the counsellor alone!

Common Issues are:

  • Communication Problems
  • Infidelity, or extra marital affairs
  • Incompatibility
  • Parenting Difficulties
  • Family difficulties
  • Grief or loss
  • Domestic Abuse
  • Financial Issues/ Money Worries
  • Separation / Divorce
  • Sexual Difficulties
  • Work Related Issues


When couples are in crisis, communication breaks down.  Counselling can help in a wide variety of ways, either in terms of addressing a problem, or even just through the opportunity to talk about it.  By doing this you start to see the situation in a clearer way.

Our Role is not to take sides, or make judgments but to help find a way forward that is right for you!

People often ask how many sessions they will need!   Every individual is different and will relate to counselling differently!   We will be guided by you and the plan we create will be your plan!

Each session will cost £60.00 and will last just under 1 hour

If you need to talk we listen:

Contact us on:  01634 713054