Life Coaching




How can Life Coaching help me?




Do I keep making bad relationships. What’s wrong with me?

I feel I have lost direction and control of my life?

I find myself getting angry and impatient, I feel so sad all the time!

I want to make a career change but am scared. I don’t know where to start!

Everyone tells me that I have the perfect life.  It doesn’t feel perfect to me!

I want to form better relationships with family, partners, friends, work colleagues!

I’m so busy, there is never enough time for me! Where do I go from here-

I just want to be happy and fulfilled! Is that to much to ask?

What is Life Coaching, and how can it help me!

Life Coaching offers support and motivation to enable you to focus on your goals and create a personalised Action Plan.  Life Coaching can be:- Love Life – Business Life – Personal Life and Performance.  Coaching shows you the skills, tools and strategies to empower yourself and improve your life.  Empowerment is within everyone’s grasp, stretching the limits of your own capabilities.  It explores how to make positive changes, focusing on the future to encourage personal development and self improvement.  It looks at strengths and weaknesses, eliminating what is not working in your life.

Life coaching offers dedicated support, encouragement and motivation, to be able to get clarity about what you want. Turning ideas into achievable goals!

Once you have tackled your obstacles that you have put in your way you then become empowered to make the changes needed and to obtain success in all areas of your life.

What is the difference between Counselling and Life Coaching?

Counselling looks at the underlying cause of issues, whereas Life Coaching focuses on the future to encourage personal development and self improvements.  It is about discussing your situation, values, attributives and beliefs.  It is about overcoming barriers and setbacks, staying motivated and committed.

The Goals:    What we aim for:

  • Setting New Goals
  • Giving you Confidence and Clarity
  • Turn ideas into achievable goals
  • Have dedicated support, encouragement and motivation
  • Achievement and Fulfilment!


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