Reduce exam nerves with hypnotherapy


Do you suffer with exam nerves?

Do you fear exams?

Common signs can be

  • Avoidance of exams
  • Anxiety leading up to the exam
  • Fear of Failure
  • Butterflies leading up to and on the day of the exam
  • Mood Swings
  • Lack of Sleep
  • Loss of appetite

And many more other symptoms

Many of us have suffered moments of stress and an overwhelming feeling of emptiness when having to sit an exam.  I am sure that there are times we can recall those nerve racking moments the weeks ahead before the exam, where we may have experienced butterflies in our stomach. Sometimes we have an irrational fear of failing.  Will our memory let us down – It’s as if a blank page is before us!

In reality exam stress can be very upsetting and can affect anyone at any age even if we have prepared ourselves with all the knowledge we can still feel that sense of panic.  Anxiety then steps in and can manifest itself into different ways including loss of appetite to mood swings and loss of sleep.

Hypnotherapy can help you control these symptoms and also boost your confidence to reduce the feelings of anxiety and stress that we cause ourselves.  

Hypnotherapy can teach you how to control these feelings with suggestions, visualisation techniques, self-hypnosis and mindfulness to enable you to approach the exam with a clear head, feeling confident to be able to achieve your goals in life.

These tools can enable us to cope with numerous situations without  fear:-

  • Driving Lessons
  • Learning how to swim
  • Career change
  • Interviews
  • Fear of career advancement
  • Public Speaking
  • Sports performance

To be able to believe in yourself empowering you to live the life want!

Hypnotherapy for anxiety, weight-loss, smoking, phobias and much more…