Fear of the dentist


Do you fear going to the dentist?

Common signs can be:

  • Fear of making an appointment
  • Avoidance of the dentist
  • Fear of Needles
  • Sound of the Drill
  • Smell of the antiseptic
  • Thinking No escape
  • White Coat Phobia
  • Fear the treatment will hurt
  • Gagging Reflex

Fear of the dentist is very common causing anxiety and stress.  A high percentage perhaps 20% experience enough anxiety that they will go to the dentist only when absolutely necessary – This can even be passed down to our loved ones.  Dental Trauma in childhood can affect us into adulthood.

Dental Appointments can be uncomfortable, but with modern advances in treatments they now have equipment and medication designed to maintain healthy teeth!  Dentists have now realised that the environment is important and they are now far more patient friendly.

Dental Phobias are easy to treat with Hypnotherapy.  They remove the fears and anxieties from you sub-conscious mind and are replaced with positivity.

Dentist now encourage Hypnotherapy for stress and anxiety around dentistry.

Dental Phobia can sometimes be irrational, but with Hypnotherapy we change your thought patterns to be able to remove your fears empowering you to change your attitude and be able to visit the dentist without anxiety or stress.

Hypnotherapy is no longer scary in Dental Treatment!

Sometimes you only need two sessions to remove the fear and anxiety around Dental Treatment.

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