Anxiety and Panic Attacks



Are you worrying all the time?   Do you feel anxious?    Does this interfere with your everyday life? 

Life can be exhausting worrying all the time and this can have an in pact on your well-being and lifestyle.

Anxiety can feel different for different people –Anxiety can be experienced at different levels.  It can be bought on by a FEAR or sometimes what we THINK happened, and dreading happening again.

Some physical symptoms associated with this are:-

  • Difficulty breathing – feeling you can’t get enough air
  • Racing Heartbeat
  • Terror that is almost paralysing
  • Dizziness, light-headedness or nausea
  • Trembling, sweating, shaking
  • Choking, chest pain
  • Hot flushes or sudden chills
  • Tingling in fingers or toes (pins and needles)
  • Wanting to isolate yourself
  • Fear you are going to go mad or are about to die



Anxiety and sometimes panic are what happens when your body senses threat, fear and danger.  This is known as the ‘fight’ or ‘flight’ response.  This only really works for you if the danger is real, immediate, and physical.  But most of the anxiety you feel is not about this – it’s about money, relationships, mistakes, jobs, health, or an argument you have had.  But your body and brain still responds in the same way as if you are really in danger!

Sometimes when experiencing severe anxiety you can have a panic attack when you feel you are losing control. Panic Attacks can come on for no reason and are different for different people. It can be the thought of going out – Socialising – Shopping/Eating or purely a place that can trigger an attack for you.

Sometimes anxiety is good for us, as it shows us when to be afraid or when we are in danger.  Unfortunately it is easy to get into a habit of always feeling the worst about situations, and the possibility of things  going wrong.

Hypnotherapy can help  you to overcome anxiety, stress and worry and aims to seek out the root cause of the problem by changing the individuals thinking or thought pattern, and their feelings associated with this.

Anxiety is a learnt response possibly from childhood or Society Today.  Hypnotherapy can be an effective tool against anxiety, stopping the onset of a panic attack before it gets out of control. This can then reduce the level of anxiety which enables you to be able to cope with the situation.

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