Stop Smoking in Rochester


At Kent hypnotherapy we understand Stopping Smoking can be one of the hardest challenges any individual can undertake. At least you think it is! We want to provide our clients a new way of thinking about smoking, we provide information that will make you think a completely different way about smoking. In Kent alone thousands of people attempt to quit every week.

New Scientist Magazine has now proven Hypnosis is the most effective to quit smoking.

With a proven track record and succesful cases, Kent Hypnotherapy has helped people to quit and change the way they think about this deadly habit for ever. We do this with a blend of therapies to help you stop.

Do/Have You?

  • Think about quitting all the time?
  • Attempted to stop smoking multiple times?
  • Give in to Peer Pressure when around other smokers?
  • Feel you lack the Willpower to quit for good?
  • Experience Self-Sabotage?
  • Have cravings you feel you can’t control?
  • Feel the Habits of Smoking are part of your daily life?
  • Always go back to smoking when having a drink?
  • Have Children and now want to stop for them?

The Kent Hypnotherapy Associates Smoking Cessation Course gives you the opportunity to work with us in a safe and comfortable setting to quit smoking. We work together using a blend of therapies and ‘Empower you to Succeed’. The course comprises of 2 sessions each lasting an hour (the first may last a little longer at no extra cost)

Call us on 01634 713 054  for bookings, alternatively use the Contact us form here or below.

How much does the course cost?

  • The total course price is £150
  • The course consists of 2 sessions 1 hour long (the first session can take up to 1 and a half hours at no extra cost), follow up support also available.
  • Parking is free and you can find our location here
  • Please call us before making any payments to ensure your booking is available
  • Try to book in advance as we tend to have high demand due to the success of the course

Telephone: 01634 713054

Mobiles:  07891 120128 – 07985 900867