Hypnotherapy Treatments


Hypnotherapy Treatment

Anxiety /Stress –   is a vital part of everyones life.  Sometimes our anxiety is not logical, and even though we may be aware of this,  it becomes a problem when it starts to interfere in our lives.

Smoking – is a habit that people feel relaxes them, in fact it has the reverse affect.  People make excuses for continuing to smoke, for example – It helps me stay thin! – It helps me to keep calm! – It helps me to concentrate! – It’s part of my social life.  Like caffeine it is a craving that takes over us enabling us to make excuses why we need to continue to smoke!

Weight –  What causes us to overeat? What makes us feel we need it or we must have it – Our Emotions!  We reward ourselves with food – We are obsessed with the media and how we feel we should look!  Unlike other addictions we cannot just stop.  We all need to eat!

Self-esteem / Confidence – Is a learnt belief about yourself. examples of this are:- I can’t do anything right – I don’t deserve to be happy – No one could ever love me – I’m totally useless at everything –

Phobias  –   There are many types of phobias – A Phobia is  an overwhelming fear of an object – a situation – a feeling – an environment or an animal

  • Fear of Spiders / Insects / Birds / Animals
  • Fear of Failure / Fear of Success / Driving
  • Fear of Heights / Fear of Flying / Water /Exams
  • Fear of Darkness / Fear of being alone
  • Fear of Pain / Hospitals / Needles
  • Fear of the Dentist / Blood / Vomiting
  • Fear of open spaces / Fear of being in a crowd

And Many More… Please contact us to discuss any other phobia you may have

Addiction / Habit –  is a compulsion or condition when a person ingests a substance or engages in an activity that then becomes an addiction.  It can be pleasurable or harmful. for example – Alcohol – Drugs – Gambling – Sex – Shopping – Nail Biting etc…  It becomes an addiction when it becomes out of control.

Depression – is a Mood disorder that causes a feeling of severe despondency or dejection

Grief / Loss  – There are many forms of grieving – There is no right or wrong way to grieve.  Some of us may need a little help to cope and to heal with loss

Pain Management – Pain is complex  – Everyones’ Pain Tolerance is different – Pain can be short-term or long-term.  Pain can affect our lives and the lives of our loved ones

Relationships  – Sometimes we may need help to move forward from a relationship or support while in a relationship.  There are many types of relationships –  Children – Partner – Peers – Family – Work etc…

With Hypnotherapy you will be able to change your thought patterns enabling you to deal differently with how you think and feel!  Empowering you to Live the Life you want!


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