Hypnotherapy in Rochester

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis is a natural state of deep physical relaxation.    Pain Free – Drug Free – Stress Free.

Hypnosis is totally safe and contrary to popular belief allows you to remain conscious throughout.   Hypnosis tunes into the subconscious mind where thoughts, feelings and behaviour patterns have been learnt throughout our lives. Hypnosis can be likened to day dreaming.  Everyone enters ‘Hypnosis’ at least twice a day naturally!  It is a state of deep relaxation, soothing and very calming.  At the end of the session you will remember all that has been said and you will either be calm and relaxed or some people may feel invigorated!

Hypnotherapy can help to create the positive changes you wish to make! Everyone can benefit from Hypnotherapy if they choose too. It is an empowering tool to achieve your full potential and can allow you to overcome negative thoughts, feelings, and behaviours.

Why use Hypnotherapy?

  • Hypnotherapy is free from any side effects
  • It can be used alongside conventional treatments and medication
  • Just one session can be incredible uplifting and can have an immediate effect on a variety of symptoms
  • It can be used with a blend of strategies to have a positive and lasting effect