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A warm and friendly practice where you can share your concerns in a non-judgemental, confidential and comfortable environment


What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool in changing the way you think and feel about your fears, addictions and phobias. It is an enjoyable, pain free, relaxing and pleasant experience.  Its a little like daydreaming.  Everyone enters into this at least twice a day. Have you ever drove to work without remembering how you got there? (not recommended) Well that is  the same feeling that Hypnotherapy gives you.  You will be in control at all times. This isn’t stage hypnosis, no clucking like chickens!

What can I expect on the first session?

We will spend time talking to you beforehand and when you feel comfortable we will ask you to relax in one of the chairs of your choice.  We will maybe put some relaxing music in the background and then ask you to think of a relaxing time in your life where you have good memories and felt totally at peace!

How will I know if I am Hypnotised?

You probably wont.  You wont feel any different from what you normally feel only very relaxed and comfortable.  You will be able to move and talk, in fact sometimes we will encourage you to talk.  Its only when you leave that you will feel differently. The addiction, phobia, or fear will have greatly reduced or have gone away, depending on how many sessions you have had and what has been agreed on.

How many sessions will I need?

Everyone is different and it depends why you have come. Some phobias might only need one session while maybe addictions, anxiety, weight control might need more.  This will be discussed at the free consultation.

Its important to understand we have no magic wand. You need to be committed.  If you give 100 percent you can expect us to give the same.  The rewards are

  • Living without fear
  • Free of Addiction
  • No longer becoming uncomfortable or paralysed with phobias
  • Improving your health and life expectancy

Why not get in touch to make an appointment for a free 30 minute consultation on:   01634 713054


About us:

  • Both Debra and Gaye have worked with Addictions, Eating Disorders, Bipolar, Autism, Anxiety, Depression and Personality Disorders.
  • The team are members of the National Hypnotherapy Society and the National Counselling Society and abide by their strict code of ethics.
  • Gaye has also worked on a voluntary basis for the Samaritans
  • Debra has worked for Victim Support for some time.
  • Debra and Gaye and have both worked on a Mental Health Ward for the NHS
  • The team are also therapists for Harmony Trust, which is a charity providing Free NHS Approved Complementary Therapy to those coping with Cancers or other serious life altering illnesses in Kent.
  • Both ladies have experience working with terminally ill patients restoring self-confidence and helping deal with anxieties and issues arising!
  • They are both committed to support you in your journey of change and can help you LIVE your LIFE the way you want!
  • Gaye and Debra bring a wealth of experience to their Practice and have both co-facilitated groups with psychology for many years.
  • Having worked with psychology for many years they can understand that small changes in behaviour can change people’s lives.

National Counselling Society and National Hypnotherapy Society Logos ARM


  • Diploma in Hypnotherapy
  • Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling
  • Certificate in Life Coaching
  • Master Certificate in Hypnotherapy Smoking Cessation with CBT
  • Certificate in Mindfulness for anxiety and Depression
  • Qualified in Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping)
  • Certificate in EMDR training


Kent Hypnotherapy Associates Practice:

The Hypnotherapy Practise near Gillingham in Kent
Our practice

The Hypnotherapy Practice near Maidstone in Kent
Our session room

Kent Hypnotherapy Associates’ practices are  situated in quiet areas, easily reached from all major routes.

There are all amenities within both practices to ensure comfort throughout your visit,  free parking in provided in both gated complex’s.


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“We are non-judgmental and understand the importance of confidentially.”

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Hypnotherapy for anxiety, weight-loss, smoking, phobias and much more…